Mon, 04/08/2019 - 19:32..
Prof. Ivan Kurilla

Venue: FREEDOM Space (7, Kazanskaya street, 2nd floor)

The first open lecture of the IMARES Month of Global Affairs by Prof. Ivan Kurilla will be on Russian-US relations.

"Russian mountains" of the recent U.S. politics and Russian preoccupation with the American example and the U.S. threat will be better understood within the historical context of bilateral relations, mutual perceptions, and inventions of the Other. The lecture will expose those long trends of US-Russian relations.

International students, young professionals, and expats are welcome to join a series of open lectures on Russia’s foreign and domestic affairs: for three consequent Wednesdays at 18:30 during the month of April, our speakers will deliver interactive lectures about relations between Russia, the USA, and Europe. Foreign affairs and domestic politics may often be mutually influential. Therefore, our lecturers will also talk on matters such as nationalism and the perceptions of Self vs. the Other.

The open lectures will take place in the city center. 

Please register for each lecture you plan to attend. By attending at least 2 lectures, you will receive a special Certificate. The working language is English. 


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