Olga Bychkova will take part in a symposium on scientific communication at VIU

Department of Sociology; Center for Science and Technology Studies (STS Center)
Olga Bychkova

News for those who are in Venice. On September 28-30, VIU will host an international symposium aimed at addressing the challenges of science communication and public engagement faced by academic and research institutions. Anyone can attend the event.

The symposium is organized jointly by Venice International University (VIU), and the Public Communication of Science and Technology Network (PCST). The symposium brings together more than a thousand science communicators from Europe. Key speakers are leading specialists in scientific communication Massimiano Bucchi (University of Trento), Brian Trench (Dublin City University).

Dean of the EUSP Faculty of Sociology, Director of the STS Center Olga Bychkova will talk about the organization of scientific communication in the Russian context using the example of the Climate Seminar organized by EUSP several years ago, at which leading Russian climate scientists were presented.

Фото: VIU