EUSP Revamped International Programs: Explore what is happening in Russia and Eurasia today


Considering all the challenges of the present EUSP has revamped its existing international programs and improved their accessibility, depth of studies and relevance.

Devoted to the post-Soviet region, EUSP’s Russian and Eurasian studies program is extremely relevant for those seeking to understand global economic, political and social processes. We invite postgraduates, current MA and PhD students who are on, or can take, academic leave from their host institutions, and anyone interested in deepening their knowledge about the region to enroll in our programs.

The major benefit of the EUSP international programs in 2023 is a freedom of choice (with travelling options) that provides outstanding support from our team wherever you choose to be. You may choose to study online or offline in Yerevan (Armenia) or Saint Petersburg (Russia). Our team of excellent scholars and professors provides students with an amazing opportunity to meet and work with some of the world’s top specialists.

There are several new programs to choose from:

  • Two long-term MA degree granting programs
  • Seven short-term intense professional programs
  • Five programs in Saint Petersburg that can also be taken online
  • Four programs conducted through the ENERPO Research Center 
  • Three programs that are located at our new campus in Yerevan, Armenia, with a short study visit to Georgia

Join the international programs at the European University at Saint Petersburg and study with leading scholars, scholars who will provide up-to-date analysis of the past, present and future of Russia and Eurasia.

Learn to apply multiple theoretical models to analyze the foreign policy of states in the post-Soviet space. Study cases of conflicts and ways to overcome them. Examine divisive historical legacies of the region’s imperial past and how these legacies influence international relations. Understand more to create the future.

Join now to get the lowest, limited-time price for early application.

The first programs start in February 2023 already, giving you the opportunity to upgrade your analytical skills and regional awareness and to be able to apply them after only two months of study.

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