EUSP has started the new academic year

International programs

On September 2, EUSP started the new academic year. The official opening ceremony took place in the General Staff Building, part of the Hermitage Museum. Mikhail Piotrovsky, the Director of the Hermitage Museum and Chairman of the EUSP Board of Trustees, joined EUSP Rector Vadim Volkov and provost Natalia Mazur in greeting EUSP community members.

This year EUSP had the honor of having Anatoly Chubais as keynote speaker. A famous politician, economist and head of the Russian Nanotechnology Corporation (RUSNANO), he gave a lecture on innovative economics.

After the lecture, representatives of EUSP research centers introduced their most interesting recent findings in TED Talk format to the new cohort of EUSP students. The ceremony closed with honoring prominent EUSP alumni and presenting EUSP symbol snails to Dr. Ekaterina Zorinova, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, and Rustam Fahretdinov, Anthropology Department Alumnus, for outstanding contributions to university life.