ENERPO at the COP24 in Katowice

ENERPO Research Center

ENERPO Research Center participated for the second time in the Russian official program of the UN International Conference on Climate in Poland, on the 11th to the 13th of December (reminder: last year COP 23 took place in Bonn).

This year we were able to present all the activities of the European University at St.Petersburg in the field of sustainable development and clean energy. In the Russian pavilion to the COP24, we have organized the session “Education for Sustainable Development”, where we talked about the master's program ENERPO, advanced training programs for municipal employees in clean energy, and also presented the Arctic project of three research centers from EUSP: STS, Northern Studies and ENERPO.

We were proud to present our project which has been implemented thanks to the funding of the Presidential Grants “Russian Arctic: People and Infrastructure”. That is especially what has permitted us to make it memorable! It was delightful to observe the reaction of the public in the hall: the audience showed a great interest in the interactive map, we have seen smiles and even faces full of emotions when we screened our cartoon. We have received fantastic feedback after our presentations and were advised to continue this project, filling new data, translate the map into English, to complete the cartoon, and so on and so forth.

Conclusions: whether it is to promote our clean energy agenda, to discuss our plans at Forum's side events, or to show our achievements, this conference is of critical importance. Last but not least, we've had the chance to exchange with the organizers of the Russian pavilion about the ways to make it even more visible and show more projects from Russia. We are ready to prepare the COP25 in 2019!


They talked about us!

Project +1: Maxim Titov about the interest of Russian companies in energy efficient technologies

"For those who are interested in clean energy in Russia and the introduction of energy efficient technologies to control GHG emissions, at the COP24 climate summit in Poland Maxim Titov, Head of the Energy Policy Research Center of the European University in St. Petersburg, answers the +1 question." 

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Project +1: Maxim Titov about the entry into new markets of the Russian companies focusing on energy efficiency. 

“What are the opportunities for Russian companies developing clean and energy efficient technologies to enter new markets? At the COP24 climate summit in Poland, the +1 question is discussed by Maxim Titov, head of the Energy Policy Research Center of the European University in St. Petersburg.”

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