Employees of the Hermitage and staff from the European University at St. Petersburg discuss the discoveries of the past season

Paleogenomics Laboratory; School of Arts and Cultural Heritage

Svetlana Pankova, a researcher at the Laboratory of Paleogenomics of the European University and curator of the Department of Archaeology of Eastern Europe and Siberia of the State Hermitage Museum, spoke at the international scientific conference "Singing Arrows of Maodun": Hunnu from obscurity to empire", dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Sergey Minyaev’s birth (1948-2020).

In the report "Oglakty cemetery-2023 intact burial with organic remains" she spoke about the preliminary results of research on the undisturbed burial site of the carriers of the Tashtyk archaeological culture. The site has been dated to the second to fourth centuries AD, and contains very well preserved organic materials.

Inside the surviving wooden log cabin archaeologists discovered wooden tools (dishes, weapon models and ceremonial items), as well as the skeleton of a woman whose face was covered with a posthumously painted plaster mask.

A recording of the speech is available at the link provided.