"Disturbing Society: What Is (Not) Said by Sociology"

Center for Science and Technology Studies (STS Center)

On December, 1-2  European University at St. Petersburg will host a conference "Disturbing Society: What Is (Not) Said by Sociology".

This anniversary conference of the St. Petersburg Association of sociologists, which this year turns 25 years old. Over the years the Association has witnessed many troubles and she repeatedly fell into anxiety. Economic crises, increasing social inequality, the growing technophobia, destabilization of the political situation, environmental and social risks, precarious work labour sociologists state of uncertainty in all spheres of life. “Disturbing society” and the indicator, and the metaphor of these uncertainties.

On December 1-2, we are inviting everyone to join our “collective” session. We will discuss “disturbing society” through the prism of those research areas that have received the greatest development in the last twenty-five years.

On the conference website preliminary program is available.

For participation and partnership, please write to info@sociologists.spb.ru