International programs; ENERPO Research Center

ENERPO Research Center will hold the Clean Energy Forum – 2016.

The Clean Energy Forum will bring together key sector players to discuss a broad spectrum of problems related to the international regulatory framework, with focus on both the economic and social implications of a new sustainable path for Russian economic development. Businesses will take the lead in the creation of initiatives that will enable a transfer to a sustainable model of economic development and ensure the balance between economic prosperity, environment and biodiversity.

Last year, Russia explicitly expressed its strong commitment to climate change issues at COP21 in Paris. In December 2016 the Russian State Assembly will focus on environmental issues. The year 2017 has been declared the ‘Year of Ecology’ in Russia. In the meantime, the Paris Agreement finalized at COP21 declared the development of new international economic mechanisms, to replace the existing clean development and joint implementation mechanisms. These new instruments will bring new opportunities as well as new risks for the Russian economy. Its implementation in Russia will require the development of a new regulatory environment and infrastructure to enable the scaling up of low-carbon development projects in Russia and abroad.

Program is available.

If you have questions about participation in the forum, please contact Natalia Voinova, Administrator of the ENERPO Research Center of the European University at St. Petersburg, by phone 8 (812) 386-76-22 or by e-mail: