CIASE has prepared an analytical report “Russian Historians. Portrait of an academic profession"

Центр институционального анализа науки и образования

The Center for Institutional Analysis of Science and Education has prepared an analytical report titled “Russian Historians: Portrait of an Academic Profession" . The report is the result of a joint study by CIASE and the Scholarly Electronic Library eLibrary (similar surveys have been conducted for sociologists, economists, political scientists and lawyers).

The purpose of the study was to assess the adequacy of scientometric assessments in historical science based on a comparison of citation-based indicators with data from a reputation survey in which historians themselves were asked to indicate who made the greatest contribution to their field of knowledge. The task of such an assessment is not limited, however, to a simple comparison of the lists of highly cited scholars with the lists most often nominated in the course of the survey. It requires a broader description of disciplinary communities, covering their demographics, thematic specializations, authority systems, and epistemic orientations. The first results of such a study are presented in the report.

The study was supported by the Russian Science Foundation grant No. 21-18-00519.

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