Anton Barchuk gave a comment to NBC news about vaccination in Russia

Mon, 07/05/2021 - 13:20..
Институт междисциплинарных медицинских исследований (ИММИ)
Anton Barchuk
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Now Covid-19 cases are rising and the government is trying to convince hesitant residents to get a vaccine.

Epidemiologist Anton Barchuk, the researcher who ran the study on antibody prevalence in St. Petersburg, suggests that a more effective way to convince people to get a vaccination would be through a more open discussion on the pros and cons.

“The pandemic has highlighted the problems with vaccine hesitancy,” he said, adding that the take-up of other vaccines for adults is also low. “It’s a problem of trust, and a lack of information on the harms and benefits of vaccination.”

The full version of the material is available at the link.

Image: Unsplash