Alexander Kurylev

EUSP Vice-Rector for Development Alexander Kurylev attended the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – 2017 as a front row participant of the panel session titled “Creative Industries Driving Exports and Enhancing a Country’s Image Abroad”. Alexander introduced the results of the interdisciplinary research project “Hermitage for the City and its Citizens” conducted at EUSP on the 250th anniversary of the Hermitage museum. The project aimed to evaluate the influence of the Hermitage on economics in St. Petersburg and Russia in general.

Alexander elaborated on some of the conclusions of the research:

1. The Hermitage brand is directly linked to the brand of St. Petersburg and Russia's image as a whole. The Hermitage annually attracts about a third of all visitors of St. Petersburg. Around 27% of all tourists in St. Petersburg visit the museum. It contributes a yearly average of 60 billion rubles to the city's economy. At the same time, the Hermitage expands its own sphere of economic activity, increasing revenues from various types of services and creative industries. Besides the sale of entry tickets the museum is also holding various events, exhibitions and festivals, selling souvenirs, copyrights, etc.

2. Statistic data indicates that the Hermitage is actively working with the youth by organizing annual excursions, classes and lectures. The museum contributes significantly to the formation of a new generation of creative citizens (Alexei Kudrin also spoke about it at SPIEF this year, while last year Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets emphasized the importance of promoting creative thinking in schools).

3. The existence of such museums as the Hermitage and the accessibility of their collections stimulate the influx of tourists, create jobs and promote the development of infrastructure. In other words, creative industries contribute to the establishment of attractive national brands.


“Hermitage for the City and its Citizens” (in Russian)


Panel Session Moderator:

Alexey Dolinsky, Founder, Coursalytics; Member of the Russian Government Expert Council



Kirill Androsov, Managing Director, Altera Investment Fund; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aeroflot

Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Minister of Economy of the Portuguese Republic

Alexey Kudrin, Chairman of the Board, Center for Strategic Research Foundation; Deputy Chairman, Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Jairaj Mashru, Founder, Bombay Innovation Group

Nonna Materkova, Director, Founder, Calvert 22 Foundation

Bob Moritz, Global Chairman, PwC

Front row participants:

Alexander Kurylev, Vice-Rector for Development, European University at St. Petersburg

Ilya Semin, Director, Monitoring Centre for Industry Development