Джозеф Тейлор

Факультет истории

Джозеф Тейлор — выпускник факультета истории ЕУСПб 2017 г.



When thinking about the time before I entered European University and now, I can see clear differences
between how I interacted with the world and the ocean of information we find ourselves in today. My classes and professors at European taught me how to be disciplined in my approach to studying and understanding the world, as well as how to properly analyze the events unfolding in our world today. I entered the history faculty at European expecting to study the past and learn about different ways of interpreting it. Throughout the course of study, however, I realized how the professors made the topics relevant for the present-day. They provided lenses
through which we could understand how the world today has been formed by the events of the past and how their interpretation directly affects our lives.
This learning did not end in the classroom though. The camaraderie of the history faculty and the greater European University family meant that discussions continued long after classes had ended. I came to European with a hunger for knowledge and graduated with the tools to find that intellectual sustenance I crave. As a teacher, my professional life has only been enriched by my time at European University. It provided me with a good example for my students and the tools I need to provide them a strong learning environment.