The Future of the State

The Future of the State

The Future of the State : Philosophy and Politics / ed. A. Magun. - Lanham ; Boulder ; New York : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2020. - x, 286 p. - (Future Perfect : Images of the Time to Come in Philosophy, Politics and Cultural Studies). - ISBN 978-1-78661-483-4.

Authoritarian leaders use the state to successfully reaffirm sovereignty, despite international integration. Democratic movements abound but often serve only to reinforce the regimes they contest. Can there be an affirmative theory of the State on the Left? An interdisciplinary group of scholars explores and answers this question in this groundbreaking book, drawing on the history of political thought, continental philosophy, and contemporary political examples. Artemy Magun is professor of democratic theory at the European University at Saint Petersburg and editor of the journal "Stasis".

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