The Biopolitics of Stalinism

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Prozorov, Sergei. The Biopolitics of Stalinism : Ideology and Life in Soviet Socialism / S. Prozorov. - Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2016. - xiv, 337 p. - Bibliography : p. 313 - 330. - ISBN 978-1-4744-1053-3

The first book to investigate Soviet socialism from a biopolitical perspective. In contrast to Western rationalities of biopolitics, Soviet biopolitics was oriented less towards protecting life than towards transforming it in accordance with the communist ideal. In this book, Sergei Prozorov traces the emergence of the Soviet biopolitical project during the period of the Great Break (1928 - 1932) and its subsequent modifications during High Stalinism. He then relocates the question of biopolitics down to the level of the subject, tracing the way the "new Soviet person" was to be produced in governmental practices and the role violence and terror played in this construction. "The Biopolitics of Stalinism" is critically engaged with the canonical works of Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben and Roberto Esposito, as well as the "new materialist" theories of Michel Henry, Quentin Meillassoux and Catherine Malabou. Sergei Prozorov is a University Lecturer in World Politics at the Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki. He is the author of six monographs, the most recent being "Agamben and Politics", also published by Edinburgh University Press (2014)

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