December 2013 (Vol. 2, Iss. 3)

International programs

ENERPO Journal Cover December 2013

The final issue of 2013 features the ENERPO program's new lecturer, Jack Sharples, who gives us an update on Russian-Ukrainian gas relations. Nicholas Watt, the ENERPO Journal editor-in-chief, writes an opinion piece on the often overlooked economic basis of South Stream. ENERPO students Koen van Delft and Katherine Bennett provide their take on Greenpeace's activism in the Russian Arctic. Andrea Seffens writes on the power struggle between Kurdistan and the Iraqi central government over oil revenues. Tsvetalin Radev and Koen van Delft author this month's Workshop Review piece on Russia's former deputy energy minister, Vladimir Milov, who is critical of the direction Russia's energy industry is going.




 Table of Contents

  • Greenpeace in the Russian Arctic: Environment vs. Oil Drilling

Koen van Delft and Katherine Bennett

  • Five Years on from the 2009 Gas Dispute: Are Russia and Ukraine any Closer to a Stable Arrangement?

Jack D. Sharples

  • Why is South Stream Being Built? It's Not Just Geopolitics

Nicholas Watt

  • Black Gold, Economic Flowering, and Ethnic Tensions: Hydrocarbon Exploration and Export in Northern Iraq

Andrea Seffens

Workshop Review

  • Vladimir Milov - Greater Role of State in Russian Energy is Not Good For Russia

Tsvetalin Radev and Koen van Delft