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September 2014 (Vol. 3, Iss. 1)

  • Russian electricity sector; power equipment and demand in Russia; concentrated international market; foreign partnerships; GE; Siemens; Alston; Mitsubishi; InterRAO; Rosatom; Atomenergomash; Power Machines; accelerated Asian pivot
  • US shale gas extraction; US export is shortsighted; higher gas prices in US to come; poor financial performance of US shale companies; low EROI
  • Hydrocarbon discoveries in Mediterranean; Cyprus; Israel Turkey; Lebanon; EEZ disputes; geopolitics
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May 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 7)

  • Sanctions on Iran; Iran's energy sector; US and EU goals; unilateral US sanctions ineffective
  • Mediterranean hydrocarbons; Greece; Cyprus; Turkey; Crete; LNG or pipeline?; energy in geopolitical strategies of southeastern EU member states
  • Ukraine; Europe; Russia; interdependence; reverse flow; legal issues; Slovakia
  • Workshop Review: Boris Jordan; Sputnik; Renaissance Capital; Ukraine crisis; sanctions; Slowing Russian economy
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April 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 6)

  • Gazprom competition; Russian domestic gas market; Novatek; Dvorkovich; pipeline sharing; export monopoly; Rosneft; Power of Siberia
  • US LNG to Europe unlikely; US special interests; John Boehner; European market not attractive for US exporters; European LNG import terminals; Gazprom
  • Bitcoins; oil trade; cybercurrency impossible to manipulate; petrodollars; OPEC
  • Chinese corporate default; slowing of Chinese economy; SINOPEC; Chinese banks to lower available credit to customers; China in commodity markets
  • Workshop Review: Sergey Komlev; Gazprom Export; chief of contracts; question and answer
  • Workshop Review: Andrey Kostin; Ukraine; Europe; Russia; Russia to protect own interests; Western sanctions hurt, but manageable
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March 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 5)

  • Future of Naftogas; Ukrainian crisis; privatization; gas subsidies; lustration
  • Chinese shale gas; huge reserves; lots of potential; coal addiction; pollution; Shell; Sinopec; fracking
  • Power system integration; IPS/UPS; ENTSO-e; Black Sea Synergy; Eastern Partnership; USAID; BSTP
  • Venezuela; oil rents; heavily subsidized gasoline prices; OPEC; protests; Hugo Chavez
  • EU; Russia; sanctions; bad for international business; FID; European dependence means heavy sanctions unlikely; Rosneft needs ExxonMobil
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February 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 4)

  • Investment opportunity for Gazprom; European gas power plants; European electricity; cheap coal; carbon emission credits
  • Privatization of PEMEX; Mexico; energy reform; constitutional amendments; PRI; Nieto; new stabilization fund
  • Gazprom; Statoil; pricing mechanisms; pricing strategies; comparative study; why these two strategies differ
  • Workshop Review: Tatiana Mitrova; Gazprom export strategy; price maximization; occasional discounts; continuation of oil-indexation; swing producer; EU demand stagnant; very few other gas suppliers for EU market at the moment
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December 2013 (Vol. 2, Iss. 3)

  • Greenpeace; Russian Arctic; Gazprom Neft; Arctic Sunrise; huge reserves vs. environmental concerns
  • 2009 gas crisis; Russia; Ukraine; EU Association Agreement; 2013 protests; diminished interdependence
  • South Stream; economic rationale; overblown geopolitical fears; Ukrainian risk; 63 bcm still too much
  • Iraq; Kurdistan; Turkey; control over oil reserves; legal issues; IOCs favor KRG
  • Workshop Review: Vladimir Milov; former deputy energy minister of Russia; need for privatization; failed electricity reform; recent LNG liberalization law is step in right direction
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May 2013 (Vol. 1, Iss. 3)

  • Iraqi oil industry; structural problems; misallocated money; need for more effective oil wealth distribution
  • Iran nuclear program; constructivism; media hype hindering diplomatic progress
  • Workshop Review: Dr. Andrey Konoplyanik; Gazprom advisor on Gazprom's practices; vertical structure of Russian gov. limits decision-making ability; South Stream
  • Workshop Review: Dr. Anatole Boute; expert on Russian power reform; need to attract investment; huge potential for energy efficiency in Russia 
  • Workshop Review: Dr. Vladimir Drebentsov; BP economist on future of energy; Gazprom issues; TAP pipeline; China coal
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October 2013 (Vol. 2, Iss. 1)

  • Uzbekistan gas strategy; sacrifice domestic market for export riches; constant power blackouts; transit to China 
  • Melting ice caps; global warming; more drilling; more fertile farming land
  • LNG trade; pricing policy; oil-indexation vs. hub pricing; Russia; China; US; geopolitics in pricing mechanisms
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November 2013 (Vol. 2, Iss. 2)

  • TAP pipeline; Gazprom dependence; Bulgaria and Italy; Azeri state finances
  • Tight oil; Russian state finances; tax regime changes
  • Mozambique; LNG export; gas infrastructure; state policy
  • Book review; Per Hogselius; Soviet energy strategy; Russian gas dependence
  • Workshop Review: Vladimir Drebentsov; BP economist; world energy trends emissions in OECD vs. non-OECD countries
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April 2013 (Vol. 1, Iss. 2)

  • TAPI pipeline project; Pakistan; Afghanistan; pipeline unlikely to be built; security issues; unlikely for project to bring lasting stability
  • US LNG export; pros and cons; job creation; rise in US domestic gas prices
  • Russian power sector; blackouts; need for investment
  • Workshop Review: Dr. Arild Moe; arctic expert; Norway; Russia
  • Workshop Review: Dr. Tatiana Romanova; EU-Russian relations; 3rd energy package
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March 2013 (Vol. 1, Iss. 1)

  • State of competition in Russia's domestic gas market; competition or collusion; Gazprom's eroding market share; Novatek; Rosneft
  • Eastern gas strategy; Russian-Chinese gas negotiations; expensive development of fields; time is on China's side
  • EU selective application of laws; anti-trust legislation; RWE vs. Gazprom; EU anti-Gazprom stance
  • State of EU energy strategy; 3rd energy package; strategy is developing
  • Workshop Review: Vladimir Milov; former deputy energy minister; Russian politician; Gazprom critic
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