Safety of sex workers

Программа «Гендерные исследования»
Project start date:

This project is a pilot study, aimed at describing and defining the professional risks of female workers in the individual sex business and intimate salons of Saint Petersburg. The empirical sources of the project will include in-depth interviews with female sex workers. The results of these interviews will be presented in two planned international seminars with the participation of sociologists, representatives of social organizations, media outlets, organs of law enforcement, and others.

At the moment, field work is being conducted and researchers are participating in working seminars.

Project Coordinator- Erin Finnerti (International Harm Reduction Program “Open Society Institute,” New York).
Leader of the Project - Dmitrii Butenko, interim employee of ЦНСИ
Academic consultants - Elena Zdravomyslova, Anna Temkina
Researcher - Nadezhda Nartova
Lawyer - Ludmila Iakhontova

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