Polina Tazenkova

Administrative Director, Institute for Interdisciplinary Health Research (IIHR)
Academic biography

Education and Professional Development: 

2016: Workshop on university internationalization, European Association for International Education (EAIE), La Laguna, Spain;

2015: Fellowship for Young Professionals at George Mason University, VA, US;

2011: Master in International Business, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University;

2010: Study abroad semester (academic mobility program) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria;

2010: Internship at BLANCO GmbH, Oberderdingen, Germany;

2009: Bachelor of Applied Ethics, Institute of Philosophy, St. Petersburg University;

2008: Internship as a volunteer at the annual Caux Forum, Initiatives of Change, Caux, Switzerland.


Polina joined the EUSP in 2011 and worked in various capacities at the EUSP International Programs for 11 years. In March 2022, she took up a position as the Administrative Director at I2HR.

Professional interests: international cooperation in higher education and science, educational programs and research management, health studies management, charity.