Pallot Judith

Emeritus Professor (Oxford)

Prof. Judith Pallot came to Oxford from a lectureship in Leeds University in 1979 and has been responsible for developing teaching and research in Soviet and Russian geography since then. She is active in the University promoting interdisciplinary links in Russian and East European Studies. Prof. Pallot offers a final year option in the geography honours course on the geography of Russian and East Central Europe and she lectures in the first year course on the political geography of the Cold War. Prof. Pallot supervises graduates working on Russia on topics ranging from environmental issues and rural society to contemporary urban change. Many have gone on to university posts in the UK and elsewhere. She is an active member of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies and was its Treasurer and committee member in the 1990s.

Prof. Pallot first visited the USSR as a post-graduate exchange student in 1979 and has been a frequent visitor ever since. In the late 1980s she spearheaded exchange agreements with geographers in Russia bringing many geographers who had never before left the USSR to Oxford under a British Council funded scheme. She has especially strong links with researchers in the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences and has had a ten year collaboration with Tatyana Nefedova, Russia's leading authority on Russian agriculture. She also collaborates with scholars in the Geography Departments of Moscow and Perm' State University, and the Peasant Studies Centre of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. In the past two years she has developed links with the Federal Penal Service in the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice negotiating a memorandum of understanding between Oxford University and the Academy of Law and Penal Management in Ryazan' which has led on to a collaborative research project.

Prof. Pallot is on the editorial board of Eurasian Geography and Economics.