Pachenkov Oleg

Research Fellow, Center "Res Publica"


2018-current Applied researcher at the Center "Res publica", European University at St.-Petersburg (, St.-Petersburg, Russia

2013- current Director of the Center for Applied Research (CeAR), European University at St.-Petersburg (, St.-Petersburg, Russia

2014- 2016 Program Director of the Urban Design Institute “SREDA”(

2011-2013 Director of Centre for Independent Social Research (CISR,, St.-Petersburg, Russia

2001-2011 Deputy director at CISR

2010 - current Co-coordinator of the department of Urban Studies at CISR

1997 – current Research fellow at CISR



2009 St.-Petersburg State University, Sociology department: Ph.D. (“candidate of science”) in sociology

2000 European University at St.-Petersburg (Russia), Department of Political
Science & Sociology, MA in sociology (validated by University of Helsinki)

1997 St.-Petersburg State University (Russia), Department of History, higher education. Diploma (BA)


Research experience (more than 40 academic and applied research projects; among them):

2018-2021 - (current) Estates After Transition. International research project supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research as a part of the joint research project supported by «ERA.Net RUS plus» program.

2016-2018 Quality of Urban Space: Vectors of Civil Initiative Groups Development in Russia and Germany. Research project. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

2016-2018 Claiming the public space: urban interventions and the shift from vertical to horizontal urban planning. Project of the institutional cooperation support for alumni of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

2016 -2019 (current) Participatory budgeting in a city of federal level (St.-Petersburg, Russia)/ Research & applied project. Commissioned by the Financial department of the Government of St.-Petersburg

2017 Role of social capital in the "new economic relations" (p2p/sharing-IT mediated economies). Research project. Supported by the "Leontief center" research institute.

2016 -2017 New economic relations: exploring "p2p & sharing-based" economies in Russian context. Self-initiated research project.

2015 -2016 Young people in the northern mono-functional cities (Norilsk, Monchegorsk, Nikel): a request for urban environment. Research project. Supported by the Foundation of “Norilskiy Nikel”

2015 Sociological support for working out a master-plan for mono-functional city Kovdor (Russian Federation). Research & applied project Commissioned by ViPS LTD.

2015 Sociological support for working out a strategy of development for the satellite-town of St.-Petersburg “Yuzhniy”. Research & applied project Commissioned by “Start Development” LTD.

2014 Economic and social impact of the cultural institutions: case of Hermitage (St.-Petersburg). Research project. Supported by European University at St.-Petersburg

2013-2014 SAGA of the city. Urban public space in transformation. Case of St.-Petersburg. Research & applied project. Supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In collaboration with “Jan Gehl Architects”.

2013 Working out conception and Terms of Reference for the design of the children playgrounds in Kolomna district of St.-Petersburg. Research and applied project. Supported by the municipal authorities of Kolomna, St.-Petersburg.

2012-13 Conception for the satellite-town of St.-Petersburg “Yuzhniy”. Research and applied project. Commissioned by “Start Development” LTD.

2012 Working out a Conception of the development of bicycle infrastructure for St.-Petersburg. Self-initiated research & applied project. In collaboration with “OpenUrbanLab” (St.-Petersburg).

2012 Working out conception of the public space for the development project “Europe Embankment” in St.-Petersburg. Research & applied project. Commissioned by “VTB-Development” LTD.

2009-2010 Flea market as a phenomenon of an urban life: case studies of St.-Petersburg (Russia) and Berlin (Germany). Self-initiated research project.

2008-2009 Social costs and benefits of media piracy. International comparative research project in collaboration with Chicago University. Supported by SSRC and Ford Foundation. April 2008 – March 2009. Coordinator of St.-Petersburg research team

2006 – 2008 Re-imaging of public space in European cities and its role in Social and ethno-cultural integration. Research project realized in cooperation with South-West University 'N. Rilsky' (Bulgaria); Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Ukraine); Manchester Metropolitan university (UK). Supported by INTAS. October 2006 – September 2008. Coordinator of Russian team

2006 – 2007 “Street Economy” and its participants in Contemporary Russia and Germany (a comparative study of street vending in St. Petersburg and Berlin). Supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (German Chancellor Scholarship Program for Prospective Leaders from the Russian Federation).


Organizational experience (coordination, leading, organizing events, etc.):

2014 Creation and leading: Urban design institute “SREDA” in collaboration with OUL, CISR, European University at St.-Petersburg

2013 Creation and leading: Center for Applied Research (CeAR) at European University at St.-Petersburg

2013 Establishing and leading as Chief editor series “Studia Urbanica” at NLO Publishing house (

2012 Creation and leading: Interdisciplinary platform in urbanistic “Open Urban Lab” (OUL); affiliated to the Center for Independent social research (

2011 Creation and leading: Interdisciplinary and inter-university seminar in urban studies “GorLabor”(UrbanLab) at the Center for Independent social research (CISR)

2011 Creation and coordination: Department of Urban Studies at the Center for Independent social research (CISR)

2010 Co-coordinating: Department of Art-(social) Science projects at the Center for Independent social research (CISR)

Since 2001 Leader and/or coordinator of the research project or of the local research team in more than 30 joint research projects

Since 1999 Member of the organizing committee of 5 international conferences & seminars


Scholarships / Fellowships / Summer courses:

Dec. 2015 - Febr.2016 Scholarship of the British council for Russian scholars. Hosting institute: Manchester Metropolitan University.

July 08-17, 2008 CEU Summer University, Course “Public Management of Urban Change in Transitional Cities”, Budapest, Hungary (granted certificate “with distinction”).

June 2006-Aug., 2007 German Chancellor Scholarship Program for Prospective Leaders from the Russian Federation; Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung/Foundation (Germany). Hosting institute: Humboldt University, Berlin

June 30-July 11, 2003 CEU Summer University, Course “Violence and Culture: Rethinking Ethnic, Religious and Nationalist Conflict in the Post Cold War Context”, Budapest, Hungary

July 8-29, 2001 CEU Summer University, Course: “Poverty, Ethnicity and Spatial Change in Eastern Europe”, Budapest, Hungary

Sept. - Dec., 2000 Research fellowship program at Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (Ljubljana, Slovenia); HESP program, OSI, Soros Foundation.

Sept. 5-11, 2000 ISA International Laboratory in Sociology for PhD students and young researchers. Theme: “Methodology of Research Projects”, Spain.

July 5-23, 1999 CEU Summer University, Course “Plights of the Gypsies (Roma)”, Budapest, Hungary


Membership in the professional networks and boards

Member of the TACT: International research network for art and city, 

Member of CAT: Cities after Transition Network

Member of the Editing Board of the "Laboratorium. Russian Review of Social Research", 

Member of the Expert Board of the Potanin's Foundation Competition "Changing Museum in a Changing World", 

Member of the Annual Wards for the Housing Development Project of St.-Petersburg "Urban Awards", 



Total: 50; Scopus: 5

Among them:

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