Novoseltseva Anna

Junior Research Fellow, Center "Res Publica"

I received a master degree in political philosophy and social theory at MSSES. Currently I am a junior research fellow at the center «Res Publica». I am doing my research on the concept of dignity in Russian intellectual tradition of the 18-19 century.



MA in Political Philosophy and Social Theory, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, 2016-2018

BA in Political Sciences, Tver State University, 2012-2016


Articles and Papers:

Novoseltseva А. А. Hearing/listening as a way of constituting political subjectivity. Materials of X Conference of Political Scientists, Perm 30-31 October 2017 / ed. by N. V. Borisovoy, K. А. Sulimova; pp. 110-118.


Other publications:

Personality and State: whose dignity must be protected? (October, 2018).
Participating in conferences:

Russian-American Student Skype-conference on problems of higher education and current

Russian-American relationships (Tver, TvSU, Amherst, UMassAmherst, 13 December, 2017)

X Assembly of political scientists (Perm, PSSSU, 30-31 October, 2017): "Hearing/listening as a way of constituting political subjectivity"

XVI International scientific and practical conference «Development vectors of modern Russia»: «Borders fight back»: demarcation of practices, spaces and description languages» (Moscow, MSSES, 20-22 April, 2017): «Receptivity Democracy: hearing and seeing as modus of political subjectivity»


Other events:

Winter School on political philosophy «Cold Head» (Len., obl., EUSPb, 18-21 January, 2019)

Summer School "Politics and Ethics from a Global, Regional and Local Perspective" (Groningen, Groningen University - RANEPA, 2-11 July, 2018)
Summer School "Memories and Generations of Feminism" (Turku, Turku University, 8-17 August, 2017)

IV Spring Master School by RАNEPA and MSSES «Thing, Time, Ritual in Sociology and Social Anthropology» (Moscow, RANEPA, MSSES, 14-17 April, 2016)



Grantee of Potanin’s Scholarship 2016/2017