Margarita Zavadskaya

Researcher, Head of the Wider European Doctorate program
Academic degree:
Ph.D. in Political Science (EUI, Italy)
Academic biography

Academic paper/Article

Analytical Notes

Academic Editing

  • 2018 Zavadskaya M,, H.-A. Garnett (2018). Introduction and Conclusion + editorial work Electoral Integrity and Political Regimes. - Routledge, 2018. Pp. 1-17, 137-144.
  • 2018 Zavadskaya M., Garnett H. A. Electoral Integrity and Political Regimes Actors, Strategies and Consequences / Ed. by M. Zavadskaya, H. A. Garnett. L. : Routledge, 2018.

Chapter in a Collective Monograph

  • 2018 Zavadskaya M. When do elections subvert authoritarianism?: Electoral malpractice and variety of post-electoral scenarios Chapter 7. In Electoral Integrity and Political Regimes. Eds. H.-A. Garnett and M. Zavadskaya. – Routledge, 2018. – С. 113-134.