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Congratulations to European graduate Tatyana Tkacheva with the defense of her PhD dissertation

On April 21, 2022, Tatyana Tkacheva, a graduate of the EUSP Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, defended her PhD dissertation at the University of Helsinki. Her thesis topic is "Regional Governors and Political Regime Dynamics in Russia: Resources, Strategies, and Electoral Outcomes". The supervisor of the dissertation was Professor Vladimir Gelman from the Faculty of Political Sciences.


Political scientist Vladimir Gel’man on why the idea of modernization in Russia isn’t working.  What is “bad governance” and where did it come from in Russia? Why don’t institutions work in the country, and reforms usually only make things worse? Can we change this? European University at St. Petersburg and University of Helsinki professor Vladimir Gel’man tried to answer these questions and others in the course of a lecture organized by the Yegor Gaidar Foundation and the Sakharov Center. “” took down the main points of his presentation.