The First Summer School of the Department of Political Science and Sociology: ‘University without Professors’

Regional Cooperation Department

On the 6‐12th of July 2014, the European University at St. Petersburg together with the DDPP and regional education and research centres from Tomsk, Kazan and Perm organized the first summer school of the Department of Political Science and Sociology entitled ‘University without Professors.’

‘University without Professors’ is a unique project that was organized by students and for students: all the events and lectures of the school were conducted by PhD students and young researchers from EUSP and regional partner-centres. They all gathered together to share knowledge, skills and findings with those who were starting their journeys into social science research. One of the organisers’ main goals was to acquaint the students with the special atmosphere of the EUSP.

As the summer school adhered to a twofold aim of educating and recruiting new students, the organisers tended to select bachelors on their last year of formal education. As a result, the participants of the school came from all parts of Russia (Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Penza, Saratov, etc.) and other countries (such as Tajikistan and Ukraine).