Pan-European Energy Security in the Post-Ukraine Crisis: Future Scenarios and Possible Solutions


The ENERPO program has hosted an experts' round table on "Pan-European Energy Security in the Post-Ukraine Crisis: Future Scenarios and Possible Solutions" in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

The program has hosted international high caliber experts with different backgrounds and of different nationalities to discuss the current hot topics related to continental energy security—security of demand, transit and supply.

The original hopes that we had while conceiving this round table have been fulfilled, as for one day the European University at St. Petersburg has become a bridge between Russia and the EU. Playing the part of an "honest broker", the ENERPO program facilitated a frank, depoliticized and constructive East-West dialogue.

The first panel of the meeting was dedicated to European gas supply, as the speakers discussed the future of transit through Ukraine, the Nord and the South Stream route diversification options, as well as the key question of the future European demand for gas.

During the second part of the meeting our guests have delved into the sustainability of Western sanctions to Russia and the mid- to long-term effects on Western business, on Russian finances, on Russo-Asian gas trade and on Arctic oil exploration.

Finally, the third panel addressed the current problems—the return of geopolitical competition and an increased lack of mutual trust—in EU-Russia energy relations and proposed solutions to find an exit from the present vicious circle—a new "big, common and win-win project", which would have the power to enhance the creation of new institutional frameworks.

We thank again our guest speakers for bringing to our table their valuable contribution in terms of expertise and goodwill to mend fences amid the present difficult situation.

Thomas Schneider, Head of the EU-Russia-Dialogue, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.
Dr. Nikita Lomagin, Vice-Rector of EUSP, Academic Director of the ENERPO program.
Maurizio Recordati, Associate Director of the ENERPO program.
Vladimir Milov, Politician, Former Deputy Minister for Energy of the Russian Federation.
Christian Cleutinx, Senior Fellow of the Clingendael Energy Program, Initiator of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue.
Dr. Andrey Belyi, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Government and Politics (Tartu), lecturer at ENERPO, EUSP.
Dr. Jack Sharples, Academic Director of the IMARES program, EUSP.
Dr. Tatiana Romanova, Jean Monnet Chair, Lecturer at ENERPO, EUSP.
Dr. Konstantin Leschenko, Lecturer a St. Petersburg State University.
Dr. Anton Chernyshev, Sabina Lobanova and Cody Thompson, International Finance Corporation, (World Bank).
Prof. Davide Tabarelli, President of Nomisma Energia, Lecturer at the University of Bologna.
Mr. Tapio Pekkola, Communications Manager for EU and Nordic Policies, Nord Stream.