Marte Freihow Langeland: IMARES program gave me a three dimensional understanding of Russia

International programs

Marte Freihow Langeland, IMARES program alumna class 2017, started a new position at the OSCE and told us about the role of EUSP in her career:

EUSP, with its excellent professors, paved my way for employment opportunities at two Norwegian foreign stations and now as a Junior Professional Officer at the OSCE.

By taking courses which provided me with a historical understanding of the post-Soviet area while discussing current affairs in the region, I was left with a three dimensional understanding of Russia and its neighboring countries in the 21st century.

EUSP’s welcoming staff ensured the easy transition to Russia and made it one of the best years of my life. Further, the university is situated in beautiful St. Petersburg which will forever leave a mark on your life.