IMARES Workshop: Foreign Policy of Russia and Japan under the New International CircumstanceIMARES

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Dr. Nikita LOMAGIN; Dr. Ivan KURILLA; Dr. Tatiana ROMANOVA; Dr. Akio TAKAHARA; Prof. Chiharu TAKENAKA

On March 10, 2021, we conducted an online seminar on Foreign Policies of Russia, the US, China, and the role of Japanese Diplomacy (including Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP)) under the New International Circumstances including the Advent of New Administration in the US. The discussion was organized by European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) and Consulate General of Japan in St. Petersburg.

Participants of the seminar were welcomed by Dr. Natalia MAZUR, Provost of European University at St. Petersburg, and Mr. Yasumasa IIJIMA, Consul General of Japan in St. Petersburg.

Dr. Ivan KURILLA (EUSP) spoke about the prospects for Russia-US relations under Biden Administration.

Dr. Nikita LOMAGIN (EUSP) shed light on the prospects for Russia-China relations and Russian foreign policy towards the CIS countries.

Dr. Tatiana  ROMANOVA (Petersburg State University, EUSP) described the current tensions and prospects for relations between Russia and the European Union.

Dr. Akio TAKAHARA (University of Tokyo) spoke on prospects for Japan-US relations under the Biden administration and Japan-China relations (including Russia-China Relations) and also on Japan-Russia relations under the new international circumstances.

Prof. Chiharu TAKENAKA (Rikkyo University) discussed the prospects for relations of Japan with other Great Powers (including India and FOIP).

The seminar was moderated by Dr. Gevorg AVETIKYAN (EUSP).


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