The department of International Programs at the European University is dedicated to encouraging academic brilliance from all of its students. However, though our first priority is to provide students with an excellent standard of master’s education, we also realize the importance of leisure time and the frequent partaking of recreational activities. So, to ensure that our students get the most out of their time in St. Petersburg, the department of International Programs has a designated Student Facilitator who deals with the planning and organization of events and activities for International students.

EUSP Orientation day

The European University offers a plethora of diverse activities for its students, with lots of different events taking place all year round. One of our most popular events is the Orientation Weekend which takes place in the second week of September. This event involves students travelling to the Russian countryside to participate in a mix of teambuilding and leisure activities under the guidance of a professional trainer. Weekend leisure activities include playing sports, picking wild blueberries, and singing songs around a campfire at the beach. At this event, students are guaranteed to make new friends and create unforgettable memories at a fantastic location.

Other popular events include our festive evenings and parties. These take place at the beginning and end of the fall and spring semesters (acting as effective ice-breakers at the start of both terms), Halloween, Christmas and New Year. One of the best nights of the year is our end-of-year boat party in June. On this evening, students are invited to enjoy a tasty banquet while cruising along the Neva River. What’s more, this glamorous event is complemented by the stunning backdrop of St. Petersburg’s famous White Nights.

EUSP BasketballIf you’re less into glitz and glam, and more into rough and tumble, the university also organizes a series of active outdoor activities for its students. Hiking, camping, sailing, and bike rides comprise just a few of the university’s more energetic pastimes. There are also plenty of opportunities for playing team sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball and frisbee. Plus, the university collaborates with local gyms in order to get you the best fitness for the lowest possible prices.

The European University also organizes activities which are intended to assist students in getting to know their new home, the city of St. Petersburg. For example, it is possible for students to participate in a series of free walking tours, including general city tours, architectural tours and even an underground tour of St. Petersburg’s metro system. When the students feel that they know their city well enough – or simply want to learn more – they can take part in the European University’s city quest: an exciting competition where you must be the first to answer a series of cryptic questions by travelling to different parts of the city over the course of a day.

At the European University, we really want to know about what interests our students. Throughout the year, a number of successful events and activities are organized because of students’ ideas and initiatives, and the Student Facilitator is here to help bring those ideas to fruition. In the past, students have requested film screenings at the university (with subtitled Soviet classics being a particularly popular choice), board game evenings, private boat parties, international food gatherings, sports clubs, a student choir, and group trips to museums, restaurants and even different cities. We love it when our students want to get involved and are always here to help you get the most out of life in St. Petersburg!

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