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Need more firsthand information about studying at EUSP? Please feel free to ask our wonderful alumni – they would be happy to share their experience with you and we would make sure that you feel comfortable and correspond privately.


Ask Rebeka Foley about the IMARES program


"The EUSP paved the way for my career path in Eurasian politics and energy while providing exposure to the exciting eccentricities of expat life in Russia. Feel free to ask me about what it's like to be a EUSP student or what the program can do for your career."

Rebeka Foley (IMARES, Class 2016)


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 Ask Jonathan Vasdekas about the ENERPO program

Vasdekas 230


"The experience at EUSP gave me a solid foundation for my career in the power industry with a global mindset. Studying in Russia provided a robust learning environment and exposure to colleagues from a variety of different backgrounds. I'm happy to give guidance and insight on what the EUSP experience is all about."

Jonathan Vasdekas (ENERPO, Class 2013)


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