Visa to Russia

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International students from the majority of countries have to receive a study visa to enter Russia and study at EUSP International Programs. Our Admissions Officer Olga Novikova and the EUSP Visa department will support you on all steps in the visa issuance process.

Please contact Dr. Olga Novikova with all visa-related questions.


Steps to get your visa

1. Check the study visa requirements at the Russian Consulate in the country of your citizenship or your permanent stay. Requirements vary by country so it is always necessary to check before you apply.

2. Fill out the questionnaire that EUSP sends you and email it back to us. All admitted students will get a special Visa questionnaire to fill in the information we need to provide to the State Office for Migration of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs and issue a visa invitation letter. It takes about 30 days to issue your visa invitation letter.

3. Visa invitations are usually issued in electronic form. This means a digital copy of your invitation will be sent to us and to the Russian consulate you have indicated in your visa questionnaire. When we receive our copy, we will forward it to you. 

4. Apply for a study visa at the Russian Consulate in the visa application form.

5. Get your single-entry or double-entry visa to Russia valid for 90 days.


Migration Card

On arrival into Russia, you will get a Migration card. You should keep the original of this document with you throughout your stay in Russia. You will be asked to return it to the Migration Officer at the border when leaving Russia. Please keep it safe as it is a very important document, like your passport. If you lose your migration card you will need to notify EUSP staff and apply for a replacement card as soon as possible.



According to Russian law, if you stay in any Russian city or town longer than 7 days, your Russian visa must be registered by the State Office for Migration in the city/town you stay.

It is your host, who must take care of it. Thus, if you look for housing on your own, make sure that your host is ready to register you.

Please bring your passport, the migration card and the registration to Dr. Olga Novikova (room 315) within 3 business days after your arrival to St. Petersburg.