Cost of living in St. Petersburg




In May 2020: 1 USD ~ 74 RUB, 1 Euro ~ 80 RUB

Current USD-RUB rate

Current EUR -RUB rate


St.Petersburg ranks 7th for affordability in the best student cities table, and 76th overall according to the QS Top Universities Ranking. 


Textbooks and Printing

0 USD 

All the books, textbooks and required readings for classes and seminars are available at the EUSP library and/or on the EUSP online educational software platform. Students may also print out up to 500 pages per semester free of charge at our Computer Lab.    



The average expenses for shared rooms are 200-300 USD/month, rent of an apartment 450-700 USD/month. EUSP dormitoryrooms are about 100 USD/month.



About 150-300 USD per month 


Local transportation

About 30 USD per month 

Metro - 55 RUB/trip

Bus/tram/trolleybus - 50 RUB/trip, city shuttle (marshrutka) ~ 40-60 RUB/trip