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You may start one-year IMARES program and the undergraduate semester abroad program twice a year. Two-year IMARES Plus program starts once a year in the fall semester. The fall semester starts at the beginning of September. The spring semester starts at the beginning of March. You may choose whichever start date suits your needs best.


Admissions continue on a rolling basis. Early applications are strongly encouraged. Due to a somewhat lengthy Russian Study Visa issuing process, we ask you to send us your complete application form no later than

June 30, 2022, for enrollment in Fall Semester 2022

July 22, 2022, for the Fall 2022 semester for citizens of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Abkhazia, and Southern Ossetia

October 30, 2022, for enrollment in Spring Semester 2023

In case you miss the deadline, please write to us to discuss the possibility of a late application.


There are easy steps to apply:

1. Complete the Online Application FormYou will get the confirmation shortly after we receive your application form.

2. Send us all the required documents. The majority of documents should be attached to your application form. Please have a look at the chosen program’s pages for the full list of required documents. We will check your application and remind you of the missing documents. Recommendation letters must be submitted by the application deadline. You must not have any involvement in drafting, writing or submission of the letters. Ask your referee, usually the professor who is closely acquainted with your academic work, to prepare the letter and e-mail it directly to The full application package will be forwarded to our Admissions Committee.

3. Attend an Interview (personal or via Skype) An interview in person or via Skype (or other video chat service) is mandatory for two-year IMARES Plus program applicants.

4. Receive your Letter of acceptance or notification of rejection. The admission decision is sent via e-mail. Please let us know if you have any specific deadlines for receiving the official notification.

5. Confirm your intention to study at EUSP as soon as you receive your Letter of acceptance. 

6. Receive the Admission package. The package contains Visa Information, Accommodation, and Payment details.  

7. Send us a completed Visa questionnaireWe need to provide this information to the State Office for Migration of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs to issue your Visa Invitation Letter. It takes about 30 days to issue it.

8. Receive the original of your Visa Invitation LetterWe use FedEx or similar courier services to deliver your Invitation as soon as possible.

9. Apply for your Study Visa at the Russian Consulate.

10. Choose and book your accommodation and tickets to arrive in St. Petersburg 1–2 days before the first day of the semester.