RussianLangiageAll international students and research affiliates are encouraged to take Russian language classes. The classes operate on the semester basis, which is 12 weeks.

Students are assigned to one of five groups corresponding to their proficiency level (Beginners - Advanced). 

The Russian Language Course intensity is 8 academic hours per week or 96 academic hours per semester for a total of 6 credits (equal to 6 ECTS).

Full-time students at IMARES, IMARES Plus, ENERPO, ENERPO Plus, USSR and all Certificate programs may select Russian language classes as a part of their academic curriculum. 

Other students may choose the Russian language as an individual course. The tuition fee for a single 6 credit course is  $3.000 per 1 semester. All enrolled students may audit other EUSP courses free of charge.  


Fall semester: September-November

Spring semester: February-April

For additional information, please, contact EUSP International office:
Tel./Fax: +7 812 386 7648