IMARES Workshops

The IMARES Workshop Series hosts prominent representatives from the fields of academia, business, and politics, who deliver lectures at the European University at St. Petersburg. Our guest speakers share their knowledge and experience by touching upon a variety of topics related to Russian and Eurasian Studies.

The lectures are followed by a Q&A session allowing the IMARES students to engage in further discussion and learn more from the speakers.


Our distinguished guests include (in alphabetical order):

 Bodner Matthew Bodner, a correspondent for The Moscow Times, talked to IMARES students about his “Observations and Musings of an American Journalist in Russia”.
 Bogdanova Elena Bogdanova is a researcher at the Centre for Independent Social Research. She spoke about Putin’s Russia Between the Rule of Law and Authoritarianism: the New Bureaucracy of Citizens' Complaints
 Bustanov Alfrid Bustanov, PhD, University of Amsterdam. He delivered a lecture about Soviet Islam and Muslims in the USSR after the WWII.
 Sir Vince Cable Sir Vince Cable, former Liberal Democrat MP and Business Secretary under the Coalition Government in the UK, presented a topic around the subject of his book “After the Storm: the World Economy and Britain's Economic Future
 Paul Chaisty Paul Chaisty is a lecturer in Russian Government at the University of Oxford St. Antony’s CollegeHe delivered a lecture about “The Determinants of Mass Attitudes Towards Institutional Choice in a Time of Crisis:  The case of Ukraine”.
 Robert Givens Robert GivensProfessor of History at Cornell College, delivered a lecture titled “Americans View the "Ugly Russian" - The Cold War and Present Day”, May 5, 2015
 Gordon Hahn Gordon Hahn, an analyst on Russian and Eurasian affairs and author of three books delivered a lecture about “Ukraine Over the Edge: Considering Causality through the Prism of the Ukrainian Crisis”.
 Jeff Hass

Jeff Hass, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, University of Richmond; Professor, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economic Theory, St. Petersburg State University (Russia).

Jeff Hass. Making Sense of Postsocialism: What in the Name of God Happened, and Why? 29.04.2020


 Birgit Hansl Sergey Ulatov World Bank economists Birgit Hansl and Sergey Ulatov introduced the “World Bank’s report on Russia. The Uncertainty of Economic Policy in Russia: What Awaits Us in the Near Future?”. Watch the event on our YouTube channel.
 Lassi Heininen Lassi Heininen, University of Lapland, Finland, delivered a lecture about “(Re)Conceptualizing Security Nexus of the ‘global’ Arctic”.
 Yoshiko Herrera Yoshiko Herrera is a Professor at the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia and co-Director of the International Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her lecture was titled “Pride versus Prejudice: Ethnicity, National Identity, and Xenophobia in Russia”.
 Oleg Kharkhordin Oleg Kharkhordinthe rector of the EUSP, delivered a lecture titled “Looking for Res Publica in Russia: Venice, Novgorod and the Fate of Liberty”.
 Kostin Andrei Kostin is the Vice President of VTB Bank. 
 Ivan Kurilla Ivan KurillaProfessor of History and International Relations at Volgograd State University till 2015, Professor of European University at St. Petersburg since 2015, spoke about "The United States and Russia: 200 Years of Diplomacy, Technological Exchanges, and Mutual Image Construction".
 Fyodor Lukyanov Fyodor Lukyanov, Editor-in-Chief of Russia in Global Affairs, shared his thoughts about the recent changes and pivots in Russian Foreign Policy.
 Maus Derek Maus is Associate Professor at SUNY Potsdam. He spoke about How American and Russian Cold War Satirists Expose the Fictions within Ideology
 Mordashov Alexei Mordashov is the General Director of the JSC Severstal. He was hosted by the EUSP in April 2014.
 Vyacheslav Morozov Vyacheslav Morozov is Professor of EU-Russia Studies at the University of Tartu and Chairman of the Council of the UT Centre for EU-Russia Studies. His lecture was titled “Russia as a Subaltern Empire: Beyond “Peripheral Development” and “Internal Colonization”.
 Arkady Moshes Arkady Moshes is the Director of The EU's Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia research program at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, who delivered a lecture about “Ukraine before and after EuroMaidan”.
 Sven Olov Carlsson Sven Olov-CarlssonDeputy head of the EU delegation to Russia, gave a talk about “Prospects for Relations between Russia and the European Union One Year after Crimea”.
 Pavkovic Aleksandar Pavković teaches political theory and comparative politics at Macquarie University, Sydney.
 Beate Petersen Beate Petersen, Norwegian artist and film director presented her film “Nasseredin Shah and his 84 wives” followed by a discussion.
 Prater Dr. Jeffrey Prater, a composer and lifetime Tchaikovsky enthusiast, shared about “America’s Long Love-Affair with Tchaikovsky”.
 Rompuy Herman Van Rompuy is the President of the European Council. Mr. Van Rompuy delivered a speech about Russia and Europe Today.
 Mehdi Sanaei Mehdi Sanaei, Ambassador of Iran in Russia, delivered a lecture about Iran-Russia Bilateral and Regional Cooperation.
 Sanghi Apurva Sanghi, the World Bank’s Lead Economist for the Russian Federation, introduced the WB “Russia Economic Report №36”.
 Shioya Akifumi SHIOYA, PhD (2012) and assistant professor of University of Tsukuba (Japan), is currently working on the political and societal upheavals in the local society of Central Asia before and after its conquest by Imperial Russia, focusing on the development of irrigation and environmental changes.
 Lewis Siegelbaum Lewis Siegelbaum, Jack and Margaret Sweet Professor, Michigan State University, delivered a lecture titled “Transnationalism in One Country?: Seeing Migration in Soviet History” focusing on the subject of his most recent book. 
 Suny Ronald G. Suny, Emeritus Professor of Political Science and History (University of Michigan), delivered a lecture on “The Persistence of the Past: How Violence and Genocide in Ottoman Turkey Affect Our World Today”.
 Birgit Hansl Sergey Ulatov World Bank economists Birgit Hansl and Sergey Ulatov introduced the "World Bank’s report on Russia. The Uncertainty of Economic Policy in Russia: What Awaits Us in the Near Future?”. Watch the event on our YouTube channel.
 Usanov Pavel Usanov, Director of Hayek Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Assistant Professor of Department of Comparative Political Studies Northwestern Institute of Management, St. Petersburg Russian State Academy of National Economy and State Service.
 Wachtel Andrew Wachtel is the President of the American University in Central Asia. He spoke about the development of Central Asian nation-states.
 Steven Wayne Steven Wayne, CEO of Jensen Group, shared his “Confessions of A Russian Entrepreneur”.
 Michel Wieviorka Michel Wieviorka is a professor at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS), in ParisHis public lecture at the EUSP was titled “Defining and Redefining Terrorism: a Sociological Perspective”.

Ilya Yablokov is a researcher at the University of Manchester. He delivered a lecture on Conspiracy Theories in post-Soviet Russia.

Ilya Yablokov. COVID–19 Pandemic and Global Transfers of Conspiracy Theories in Russia. 13.05.2020

 Zimovsky Alexander Zimovsky is the former Chairperson of the Belarus state TV and Radio. His speech was devoted to the Ideology of Propaganda and Mass Media.