Degree:   MA in International Relations

Duration: 1 year 

Workload: 60 credits

Language: English

Next start: September 2022

Application deadline:  April 30, 2022




  • lectures
  • follow-up discussion sessions
  • the language of instructions is English


To complete the MA degree, the student must have a total of 60 Credits – 48 credits from courses and 12 Credits from an MA thesis.  The student may choose to distribute these credits over the two semesters. That is, it is possible to take only 18 credits in the first semester and 30 credits in the second.

Additionally, a student may audit as many classes as his or her schedule allows.


Courses that have been selected by fewer than 3 students will not be taught during the given semester.  



Russia in the International Relations System (6 Credits) - Prof. Nikita Lomagin

Russian-American Relations from the Historical Perspective (6 Credits) - Prof. Ivan Kurilla

Conflict and Cooperation in Eurasia (3 Credits) - Prof. Mikhail Troitskiy

Central Asia States: Making, Breaking and Remaking (6 Credits) - Prof. Darya Pushkina

Empire and Nationalism in Russia and the Soviet Union (6 Credits) - Prof. Alexey Miller

Russian Language (6 Credits)

Additional (noncredit) courses 

Russia-EU Energy Relations (6 Credits) - Prof. Tatiana Romanova

Seminar on World Oil & Gas Affairs (3 Credits) - Prof. Gevorg Avetikyan

IT and Online Research Sources (3 credits)

IMARES Workshop Series



Russian Political and Social History (6 Credits) - Prof. Sergei Podbolotov

Political Changes in Post-Soviet Eurasia (6 Credits) - Prof. Vladimir Gel'man

Russia and Armed Conflicts in and beyond Eurasia (6 Credits) - Prof. Ekaterina Stepanova

History and Politics of the South Caucasus (6 Credits) - Prof. Gevorg Avetikyan

Russian Language (6 Credits)

Additional (noncredit) courses 

Seminar on World Oil & Gas Affairs (3 Credits) - Prof. Gevorg Avetikyan

IMARES Workshop Series