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June 2020 (Volume 8, Issue 1)

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Contents CONFERENCE REPORT: Clean Energy Forum 2019, by Alexandr Volkov WORKSHOP REVIEW: 5th International Workshop on Economic Growth, Environment, and Natural Resources, by Ekaterina Savchenko ANALYSIS: German-Russian Energy Relations: Challenges of 2019 and a Move towards the Future, by Joshua R. Kroeker ANALYSIS: China’s Demand Impact on Eurasia Gas Pricing, by Tristan Kenderdine ANALYSIS: China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia: A Case Study on Weaponised Interdependence in Energy, Transit and Information Networks, by Dana Rice

June 2017 (Vol. 5, Iss. 2)


Clean Energy Forum 2016: Finding a Balance for Sustainable Development in Russia
Irina Mironova, Alberto Perego

November 10, 2016, saw the annual ENERPO conference at the European University at Saint Petersburg. This year’s conference, the Clean Energy Forum, embraced the topic: “Russian Economy, Energy and Environment: How to Find A Balance for Sustainable Development?”

June 2016 (Vol. 4, Iss. 3)


ANALYSIS: China's Possible Accession to the ECT: Benefits and Obstacles

Lina Nagell

ANALYSIS: Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs): Azerbaijan's Practice

Fatma Babayeva

OPINION: Russian Approaches at COP21 and the Disproportionate Reaction by the West

Michael Roh

Workshop Review: Russia and Iran: Past, Present and Future

Zachary Waller and Gevorg Avetikyan

February 2016 (Vol. 4, Iss. 2)

Russian LNG in Asia Pacific under Low Price Market Environment by Jinsok Sung; Yamal LNG: The Implications of the Sanctions Regime by Patrick Osborne; Lithuania: Energy Security Through Liberalization by Aaron Wood; Myanmar’s Energy Sector: An Overview by Alissa Nicole Thompson

ENERPO Journal Call for Papers

ENERPO Journal announces call for papers for May and August issues of 2016.

The Journal accepts articles written in English on the subjects of energy security, energy economics, energy policy and the role of various fuels in the energy system. More specifically, the Journal seeks to cover topics such as:

November 2015 (Vol. 4, Iss. 1)

CONFERENCE REPORT. Russia in Changing Global Markets: New Challenges and Opportunities - Irina Mironova, Michael Roh; ANALYSIS. Rethinking the Role of Gasification and Electrification in ASEAN Energy Security Initiatives - Cory Cox; VIEWPOINT. IMF Distorts Energy Subsidy Facts to Vilify the Fossil Fuel Sector - Jerry Byers; ANALYSIS. South Caucasian Factor In Russia’s Security of Gas Demand - Konstantin Golub; WORKSHOP REVIEW. ENERPO Workshop Series: Maxim Titov on Russia’s Energy Efficiency - Michael Camarda


August 2015 (Vol. 3, Iss. 4)

Cover Volume3 Issue4
  • ANALYSIS. Iran versus Russia: Perspectives of Competition in the European Gas Market – Dimitri Papamichaïl 
  • ANALYSIS. Renewable Energy in India: A Work in Progress – Julie Jojo Nielen
  • VIEWPOINT. TAPI Pipeline: Why It Should Remain Just a Pipedream – Giovanni Pagotto
  • VIEWPOINT. Russia-China Gas Deal: A Win-Win – Jerry Byers

May 2015 (Vol. 3, Iss. 3)

  • ANALYSIS. Klaipeda LNG: Destined for Exports? – Sean Berwald
  • VIEWPOINT. Estonia's First LNG Terminal: What Can the Country Learn from Lithuania’s Experience with LNG at Klaipeda? – Vreni Veskimägi
  • ENERGY ECONOMY SERIES. The Philippines – Joe Ralbovsky
  • WORKSHOP REVIEW. Davide Tabarelli: Italian Energy Security and the Missing South Stream – Filippo Verdolini
Cover Volume3 Issue3

October 2014 (Vol. 3, Iss. 2)

  • Turkmenistan; China; natural gas relations; Chinese loans; Niyazov; Berdimukhammedov; Central Asia-China pipeline
  • South Stream; Bulgaria; Serbia; LNG; interconnectors in EU; Greek LNG terminal; TAP; competition for Gazprom; opinion article
  • US shale gas; fracking; low oil prices threaten; low interest rates; BOE deception; inflated hydrocarbon reserve figures to investors
ENERPO Journal Cover October 2014

September 2014 (Vol. 3, Iss. 1)

  • Russian electricity sector; power equipment and demand in Russia; concentrated international market; foreign partnerships; GE; Siemens; Alston; Mitsubishi; InterRAO; Rosatom; Atomenergomash; Power Machines; accelerated Asian pivot
  • US shale gas extraction; US export is shortsighted; higher gas prices in US to come; poor financial performance of US shale companies; low EROI
  • Hydrocarbon discoveries in Mediterranean; Cyprus; Israel Turkey; Lebanon; EEZ disputes; geopolitics
ENERPO Journal Cover September 2014

May 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 7)

  • Sanctions on Iran; Iran's energy sector; US and EU goals; unilateral US sanctions ineffective
  • Mediterranean hydrocarbons; Greece; Cyprus; Turkey; Crete; LNG or pipeline?; energy in geopolitical strategies of southeastern EU member states
  • Ukraine; Europe; Russia; interdependence; reverse flow; legal issues; Slovakia
  • Workshop Review: Boris Jordan; Sputnik; Renaissance Capital; Ukraine crisis; sanctions; Slowing Russian economy
ENERPO Journal Cover May 2014

April 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 6)

  • Gazprom competition; Russian domestic gas market; Novatek; Dvorkovich; pipeline sharing; export monopoly; Rosneft; Power of Siberia
  • US LNG to Europe unlikely; US special interests; John Boehner; European market not attractive for US exporters; European LNG import terminals; Gazprom
  • Bitcoins; oil trade; cybercurrency impossible to manipulate; petrodollars; OPEC
  • Chinese corporate default; slowing of Chinese economy; SINOPEC; Chinese banks to lower available credit to customers; China in commodity markets
  • Workshop Review: Sergey Komlev; Gazprom Export; chief of contracts; question and answer
  • Workshop Review: Andrey Kostin; Ukraine; Europe; Russia; Russia to protect own interests; Western sanctions hurt, but manageable
ENERPO Journal Cover March 2014


March 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 5)

  • Future of Naftogas; Ukrainian crisis; privatization; gas subsidies; lustration
  • Chinese shale gas; huge reserves; lots of potential; coal addiction; pollution; Shell; Sinopec; fracking
  • Power system integration; IPS/UPS; ENTSO-e; Black Sea Synergy; Eastern Partnership; USAID; BSTP
  • Venezuela; oil rents; heavily subsidized gasoline prices; OPEC; protests; Hugo Chavez
  • EU; Russia; sanctions; bad for international business; FID; European dependence means heavy sanctions unlikely; Rosneft needs ExxonMobil
ENERPO Journal Cover March 2014


February 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 4)

  • Investment opportunity for Gazprom; European gas power plants; European electricity; cheap coal; carbon emission credits
  • Privatization of PEMEX; Mexico; energy reform; constitutional amendments; PRI; Nieto; new stabilization fund
  • Gazprom; Statoil; pricing mechanisms; pricing strategies; comparative study; why these two strategies differ
  • Workshop Review: Tatiana Mitrova; Gazprom export strategy; price maximization; occasional discounts; continuation of oil-indexation; swing producer; EU demand stagnant; very few other gas suppliers for EU market at the moment
ENERPO Journal Cover February 2014


December 2013 (Vol. 2, Iss. 3)

  • Greenpeace; Russian Arctic; Gazprom Neft; Arctic Sunrise; huge reserves vs. environmental concerns
  • 2009 gas crisis; Russia; Ukraine; EU Association Agreement; 2013 protests; diminished interdependence
  • South Stream; economic rationale; overblown geopolitical fears; Ukrainian risk; 63 bcm still too much
  • Iraq; Kurdistan; Turkey; control over oil reserves; legal issues; IOCs favor KRG
  • Workshop Review: Vladimir Milov; former deputy energy minister of Russia; need for privatization; failed electricity reform; recent LNG liberalization law is step in right direction
ENERPO Journal Cover December 2013


May 2013 (Vol. 1, Iss. 3)

  • Iraqi oil industry; structural problems; misallocated money; need for more effective oil wealth distribution
  • Iran nuclear program; constructivism; media hype hindering diplomatic progress
  • Workshop Review: Dr. Andrey Konoplyanik; Gazprom advisor on Gazprom's practices; vertical structure of Russian gov. limits decision-making ability; South Stream
  • Workshop Review: Dr. Anatole Boute; expert on Russian power reform; need to attract investment; huge potential for energy efficiency in Russia 
  • Workshop Review: Dr. Vladimir Drebentsov; BP economist on future of energy; Gazprom issues; TAP pipeline; China coal
ENERPO Journal Cover May 2013

October 2013 (Vol. 2, Iss. 1)

  • Uzbekistan gas strategy; sacrifice domestic market for export riches; constant power blackouts; transit to China 
  • Melting ice caps; global warming; more drilling; more fertile farming land
  • LNG trade; pricing policy; oil-indexation vs. hub pricing; Russia; China; US; geopolitics in pricing mechanisms
ENERPO Journal Cover October 2013