Two-year MA in Energy Politics in Eurasia (ENERPO PLUS)

ENERPOPlus17 1

Degree:   MA in Political Science

Duration: 2 years 

Workload: 120 credits

Language: English

Next start: September 2022

Application deadline: April 30, 2022



Competition and cooperation over the control of Eurasian natural resources will profoundly influence world politics in the 21st century. Crucial issues include the future of the Russo-European oil & gas trade, Russia’s “energy pivot” to Asia, the recent the LNG and shale gas “revolutions”, the recurring geopolitical crises in the post-Soviet space and the Middle East, the great opportunities and the huge profits generated by the energy sector, the use of “energy weapons” and levers, and the pursuit of environmental and economic sustainability, the sanctions regimes on Russia and Iran, and the current falling world price of oil.


The ENERPO PLUS program was designed on the basis of the one-year ENERPO program to meet the growing interest in these challenges and considers the importance of these issues for both policymakers and the energy business. Its innovative curriculum combines the perspectives of energy politics, security studies, and political economy. In addition to the academic training provided by the ENERPO curriculum, it also includes a practical experience and allows more time for student's research work. ENERPO and ENERPO PLUS are the only English-language MA programs in Russia focusing specifically on Eurasian energy affairs.  

ENERPO PLUS program provides you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Russia and Russian Energy market, to conduct thorough and detailed research on your subject and to create a solid energy background for your career. The two-year MA program diploma gives you a direct access to all PhD programs in Russia and all around the world. 


ENERPO PLUS students and faculty

ENERPO has hosted students from sixteen different countries: USA, Russia, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, and Turkey. After graduating, some of our alumni have used the expertise and qualifications gained on the ENERPO program to launch professional careers in oil & gas companies, energy trading and law, energy consulting companies, and think tanks, while others have pursued academic paths aiming for doctoral degrees or started working in international political institutions.

The ENERPO faculty is a blend of Russian and international, renowned senior and promising junior professors, all of whom have solid international experience and are dedicated to the highest standards of teaching. The student-teacher ratio is around 3:1.

Students and faculty also contribute articles to the ENERPO Journal, a specialized online magazine on world energy affairs and the ENERPO Newsletter. These platforms give our students the opportunity to publish their own work, often for the first time, and to learn how to work in an editorial team. This not only gives our students confidence in their work but also makes a valuable contribution to their CVs.


Application procedure and deadlines

There are 4 steps to apply for ENERPO Plus program at EUSP:

1. Complete the Application form and send us all the required documents:

  • Scanned copy of your Passport
  • Scanned copy of your Bachelor's degree diploma (or documentation that proves you will receive your diploma this year)
  • Scanned copy of your Academic Transcript
  • Your Statement of Purpose (about 500 words, including a statement of goals, research interests, and experiences, including the subject of your bachelor thesis)
  • Two letters of recommendation from academics who are closely acquainted with your academic work
  • Your Curriculum Vitae


2. Attend an Interview via Skype (for shortlisted candidates) 


3. Receive a Letter of Conditional Admission


4. Send us the scanned copies of your legalized*:

  • Bachelor’s degree diploma
  • Academic transcript

*Legalization means governmental confirmation that a public official’s signature, seal, or stamp on the document is genuine. There are several types of legalization. Our Admissions Officer will provide you information about the legalization type you need.
It depends on the country and university you graduated from.


Note: To start the program you should bring the originals of all documents before the first day of your study at the program.



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