Safety, Sexuality and Reproductive Health in Russia

Проект являлся частью более крупного исследования «Non-Traditional Threats to Russia's Security» («Нетрадиционные угрозы безопасности России»), проводившегося факультетом политических наук и социологии (ЕУСПб) совместно с университетом Джорджтауна (США).

Gender, Sexuality, Ethnicity

Project “Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity” is a study in Armenia supported by the MacArthur Foundation; Studies in Tadzhikistan are made possible by the support of HESP. Leader - Anna Temkina The project plans to publish a separate monograph in 2007.

Gender Relations in the Private Sphere

The project investigates class, regional, and ethnic-based gender inequality production and reproduction of distinctions in the private sphere in contemporary Russia. It aims to study the distribution of gender roles in young families (or long-term de facto couples) and relationships between various generations.

Project “A New Way of Life”

The project “New Way of Life: Forms of Family Organization and Changes in the Domestic Space” is a joint Russian-Finnish project with the support of the Finnish Academy of Sciences. April 2004 - December 2006 The project plans to finish data collection in April-May 2007.

Safety of sex workers

Project: “Conditions and the possibility of providing professional safety to workers in the sex industry of Saint Petersburg” January - December, 2005 The project was organized by the Center for Independent Sociological Research and the Gender Studies program. The project is supported by the International Harm Reduction Development Program (the Open Society Institute) and the Center for Independent Sociological Research. The project is financed by IHRD. Leaders - Elena Zdravomyslova and Anna Temkina, coordinator- Nadezhda  Nartova.

Regular Seminar

Since 2004 in the framework of the Gender Studies Program (department of political sciences and sociology, EUSP) takes place a regular seminar, which considers questions of theory, methodology and practice of gender studies.