Project “A New Way of Life”

The project “New Way of Life: Forms of Family Organization and Changes in the Domestic Space” is a joint Russian-Finnish project with the support of the Finnish Academy of Sciences. April 2004 - December 2006 The project plans to finish data collection in April-May 2007.

Gender Relations in the Private Sphere

The project investigates class, regional, and ethnic-based gender inequality production and reproduction of distinctions in the private sphere in contemporary Russia. It aims to study the distribution of gender roles in young families (or long-term de facto couples) and relationships between various generations.

Safety, Sexuality and Reproductive Health in Russia

Проект являлся частью более крупного исследования «Non-Traditional Threats to Russia's Security» («Нетрадиционные угрозы безопасности России»), проводившегося факультетом политических наук и социологии (ЕУСПб) совместно с университетом Джорджтауна (США).

Regular Seminar

Since 2004 in the framework of the Gender Studies Program (department of political sciences and sociology, EUSP) takes place a regular seminar, which considers questions of theory, methodology and practice of gender studies.