How Many Students We Admit Each Year...

In total 23 students are admitted to all our MA programmes each year. The Department does not aim to accept as many students as financially possible each year, but is instead interested in an opportunity for providing high quality education to each student admitted. In other words, a relatively small intake allows us to pay enough attention to each and every student more fully taking into account their educational and research priorities.


...and From What Educational Backgrounds

The Department of Economics accepts applications for the MA programmes from people from a variety of backgrounds. The only strict requirement is the possession of a first degree (specialist (Rus.), master, baccalaureate). Students are allowed to combine studies at EUSP with studies elsewhere, provided course attendance criteria are met. In the past, some our students would pursue a degree from EUSP while writing a doctorate thesis in an area different from economics elsewhere.

Although we do consider applications from specialists in any area, most of our applicants come from a background in natural sciences, engineering, economics, and finance, with good training in mathematics (please see a pie chart below). Currently we do not require a strong knowledge of English from applicants, as language courses of various intensity are a compulsory element of all EUSP programmes.


Admissions Statistics for Recent Years

The Total Number of Applicants to the Number of Admitted to the Course (With or Without Tuition Grants)


Average Age of Successful Applicants (Years)


Proportions of Male and Female Applicants Admitted to the Course


Distribution by the Area of Specialisation of the First Degree (2012)


Applicants by Place of Origin (2012)



Admission Rules

The general admission rules set by the University can be found here (in Russian). Tests for entry to the Department of Economics consist of an interview and a written examination. Both are marked out of 100 points. Obtaining 41 and below are deemed as a fail.

Here is a link to the formal rules (in Russian) regulating admissions to the Department of Economics in 2021.


Entrance examinations

The objective of the interview is to get to know applicants better, understand their motivation for applying to EUSP, and generally ascertain their level of training. Normally, the interview lasts about 20 minutes, and is recorded for legal and monitoring purposes.

A written exam lasts 3 hours and includes questions and problems in mathematics, whose level of difficulty is no higher than the level at what mathematics is taught to students majoring in economics. The exam also includes questions in economics corresponding to the level of a basic economics textbook.

For the timetable for entrance examinations, please refer to section Deadlines in the menu to the left.

The list of documents to be submitted to the admissions office can be found here (in Russian).