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EUSP Department of Economics offers two MA programs — «Research Economics», «Financial Economics», — and the PhD level programme «Mathematical Methods in Economics». Our alumni either continue their PhD studies at leading American and European universities to then work in an academic environment (University of Chicago, University of Rochester, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Leicester, Stockholm School of Economics, etc.) or find jobs in business and consulting (Sberbank, NOVATEK, Gazprom Neft, World Bank Group) or government bodies (Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development). Our programs comply not only with state standards (we have received the state accreditation), but also with international practices. That is ensured through the work of the department’s International Advisory Board.


Despite our small faculty — there are 2 Doctors of Science (Rus.), 8 Candidates of Science (Rus.), and 2 professors with PhD degrees from Western universities — in terms of publication activity we are consistently placed among the best Russian centers in economic research according to RePEc. The department is also ranked 4th in Russia according to the Tilburg University Top 100 of Economics Schools Research Ranking, which measures the publication activity based on the reputation of the journals. In 2019, the EUSP Department of Economics was included for the first time in the Expert analytical center’s ranking of scientific productivity of Russian universities and took the 11th–12th place there.

All our lecturers and researchers are constantly involved in various research projects. We are convinced that teaching modern advanced courses in economics is impossible without ongoing active academic work. Research and teaching are closely intertwined at our department. Our MA programs actively involve students to conduct research, and the results of our joint research are integrated into the courses we teach.

In addition to teaching and research, we also conduct public educational activities — we make online courses, publish books, deliver open lectures, and provide expert comments for the media.


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Head of the Department: Yulia Vymyatnina

Department administrator: Elena Koltsova

Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 386-7632

Department of Economics

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