Project Goal:

The project has studied models of interaction between major industrial enterprises, corporations and universities in Russia. The main focus was on the activities of research and development within Russian universities and to evaluate how universities build their relationships with corporate customers. In what ways do universities receive orders from industry and research&development sector? What forms of interaction exist between universities and industry? What problems in existing practices of interaction between universities and industry are seen by each side? We also tried to find out exactly who and at which administrative position within the university is engaged in a grouping of academia and industry, which skills such specialists have, and which capacities for effective work are lacking.

Empirical Basis:

Research was conducted in three Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tomsk. There were 54 respondents interviewed; of these, 20 were experts from industry, corporations and venture funds and 34 were representatives of universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tomsk.

Research Support: Department for the Promotion of Innovation and Social Programs OJSC Russian Venture Company (RVC).

Project Coordinator: Olga Bychkova, Ph.D., Economics professor EUSP

Project Participants: Natalia Bogatyr (Ph.D., MA, Lecturer in economic sociology HSE), Evgenia Popova (Ph.D., Assistant Professor of political science at Tomsk State University, Director of the Research Center for TSU “Policy Analysis and Research Techniques”), Anna Chernysh (Research Fellow, Center for Science and Technology EUSP)

Project Dates: September – December, 2012.

Project Goal:

Expanding the development concept for the project of Satellite-city (SC) “Uzhniy” in the Pushkinsky District of St. Petersburg.

Concept Objectives:

  • to formulate the idea of a satellite-city, in order to respond to the question of what SC Uzhniy should be and to justify the proposed scenario;
  • to make SC Uzhniy an attractive, recognizable and successfully marketable brand;
  • to make SC Uzhniy an attractive place to live, a territory which successfully fits into the context of St. Petersburg and of which the city can rightfully feel proud.

Client: Start Development Ltd.

Project Coordinator: O. Pachenkov, Candidate of Sciences in sociology, Director of CAR, EUSP

Project Partners: Urbanika Institute for Territorial Planning, Studio U:lab, Open Laboratory City (OLC), Expertise Agency, external specialists and experts: B. Yushenkov, A. Nenko, D. Komendenko, M. Podkorytova

Project Dates: November 2012 – March 2013