Projects and conferences

Visual studies

Natalia Mazur, Candidate of Science in Language and Literature studies, Professor at the Department of Art History, EUSP While in the USA and many European countries visual studies represent the front-line in art history, in Russia they are practiced by few enthusiasts. In 2011–14 EUSP has been able to offer three full year courses in visual studies — the first ones in Russia.

Open research seminar

The Open research seminar of the Department of Art History has existed since 2002. The seminar was originally conceived of as a platform for discussion, where the Department’s students could discuss current problems of art criticism and history with EUSPB professors and guest specialists. During the course of the seminar’s existence literary and art scholars and critics, film historians, musicologists, translators and critics – scholars, teachers, and employees of museums – as well as specialists from Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, the USA and France have all lectured at its sessions.