How to Apply

The department’s master's program is designed for students who have already earned a higher education diploma in the humanitarian or social sciences (an official diploma attesting to the completion of a bachelor or master’s program is required).  Most courses are conducted in Russian, so you must have an advanced level of Russian to be able to apply and study at the department. 

The admission process begins on March 1, when applicants can submit documents for the next academic year. The submission deadline for Master's programs is August 1. Documents can be submitted in person or by email. If you choose to send the documents by email, please send them to You will get an email confirming that your documents were received by the admissions committee. 

Documents required for application: 

  • Completed application (may be obtained from the acceptance committee, or simply downloaded).
  • Completed statement of consent 
  • Copy of your passport
  • Current resume or CV
  • Copy of diploma certifying completion of higher education degree
  • Four 3x4cm photographs
  • Medical examination and vaccine report
  • Recommendations from professors and departments (when available)
  • List of published academic work, if you have any publications
  • Statement of purpose  
  • Writing sample

Full list of required documents including medical certificates could be found here (in Russian) 

In your statement of academic purpose, please formulate specifically which topics and themes interest you and what you would like to study in the Department of Anthropology. Upon application, you are not required (although it will not be frowned upon) to have a concretely formulated research proposal. It is expected that your course of study in the department will have an impact on your interests and will influence the formulation of your research topic. Nevertheless it is necessary to establish your sphere of interests. 

A sample of your research work, to be submitted with the other documents, should be a good example of your ability in independent research and analysis. The topic is not strictly limited to folklore, sociolinguistics, and cultural anthropology. It can be any work in philology, history, sociology, or another field in which you have a background. For example, a particularly effective section of your bachelor or master’s thesis, published or unpublished, or even something written specifically for this application may be appropriate. The text should be no less than 20000 and no more than 80000 characters; please submit an electronic version even if the work is available in print.

You can submit both the statement of purpose and research work sample in English.  

The application process includes an interview and a written examination, and are usually held on August 17-27. The examination board (i.e. the faculty) will be interested in your motivation and general level of qualification. The written exam will involve a general question in anthropological subject, the same for all applicants, and two or three questions in the specialization you are applying for (cultural anthropology, folklore studies or sociolinguistics).

The EUSP provides study grants to applicants who pass the entrance exams with a particularly high score. 

For more detailed information about the important dates, application papers and exams please see the Russian How-to-apply page. You will find a list of recommended reading and sample questions there. You might also find useful information in the Admission Committee section. If you are interested in our phd-level programs, please view the information about the "Anthropology. Sociolinguistics. Folklore Studies" program  on this page on this page (in Russian).

If you are considering application to the Department of Anthropology or have any questions, please do not hesitatate to contact our application assistant and alumna Anna Klepikova by email: or via our Facebook page